The Truth About EZ Money – An In Depth Review

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With the advent of the internet across the globe comes all sorts of good and not so good money making schemes that I am sorry to point out that are too good to be true and if you are not utterly careful can put you in a worse off position than you begin with. So what is EZ Money Team and what is in it for you?  The foregoing post will indeed shared light on this very subject matter and perhaps help in your decision-making process!

I want to definitely share the love to help you put your wallet away by not making the mistakes many of us have made in pursuit of an online business when it comes to what is making money in this stratosphere.  Obviously, it is not an easy feast with all the buzz and noise on the internet these days for anyone to see through the content materials to decipher the good reputable sources from the bad.

You will be surprise how this no good shady outfits have up scaled their expertise to lure you into believing their bull crap sorry for the B-word. Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time and I welcome you to find out where you can definitely go to out beat these Con Artists and Companies alike and to get your online business affairs in better health and in full swing…  I will show you and help you accomplish that with the best and most comprehensive system out there that I use with the step by step training second to none in the industry.

Do Not Fall For The Powerful Trap And Bait

Name: EZ Money Team


Price: $67 to get access with upsell

Owners: Jeffery Hart ( Real Name Oscar T. Ortiz.)

Overall Rank: 2.5 our of 5

The Good & the Bad

Clearly you are on this page because you are ready to start your own online gig that will help free you up from the mundane employee, employer relationship to be able to be your own self-made person with all the acquisition freedom has to offer. Partnering with the right establishment in your online theater of operation will and can be lucrative to say the least given you have the proper tools, resources and definitely the support channel and of course applying yourself.

EZ money Team as the name sounds is one outfit that will lure you with an attractive package initially price at $69 to get you access to become part of their web of poor business practices and promotions.  It even gets better for them as they recommend their so called Gold Membership that will get you access to their so-called automated traffic for a $29.95 monthly fees, if this isn’t a good gig for its owner Oscar T. Ortiz bottom line I don’t know what is.

This Oscar T. Ortiz guy is using another name or should I say hiding behind another name called Jeffrey Hart with a lot of other phony business promotions and unfortunately has other company putting up with his fake schemes.  So please refrain from getting sucked into this completely and save your money and time before getting hooked.   I am Sincerely warning you so please take hid as this can be uphill battle especially when you have to get your money back when you are too far into the numerous scam programs you are compelled to buy.

Let say you join and later you decide to hit the bricks because you are not satisfied with your choice, I am delighted to tell you that there is hope for you especially if it within the 60-day money back guaranteed.  Click Better, the affiliate networking operating company that EZ Money Team uses for their processing will gladly refund you the money.  All you need to do is to simply reach out to them and request your refund.

Moreover, if you have started following the training and have bought into the other training recommended, getting your money back will not be easy for the mere fact that Coolhandle hosting company are very difficult to deal with.  This happened to me and as such I want to spare you the headache and heartache.  I will show you how I got out of this mess entirely and the system that I used to take control of my destiny altogether.  This is a training system that works for people in every area of life imaginable and conceivable.

What a Challenge Making Money Online – EZ Money People Exposed!

By now, I will think and hope you are getting a feel where this communication is heading and what YOU have to do about you respective situation…  Either become a victim by doling out your hard earn cash or YOU reverse the table on them, the Scam Artist.  You are definitely in control here so make a sound and wise decision.

As I said earlier and will say again I will show you of the step by step comprehensive training that I followed that is working for me and I know it will work for as well.  It is a training program you wish you had found sooner but all the same it is fine as your timing is perfect because you have unlimited possibilities with this system, I guaranteed it!

Making money online should not be luck or magic but rather you need to be in an environment that foster your growth, and definitely being in a positive vibrant, knowledgeable and having the support channel to get your online business on the right path is important.


Here Is The Horrific EZ Money Team Tools & Training

Really, the training materials is not properly design given it is poor in nature. The first training module is the getting started page which begins with you to Register Your Autoresponder, video shown below:

  • Module 2: Set Up 1
  • Create Your Form Code
  • Commission Account
  • Manage You Clicks
  • See It All in Action Module
  • Make Money Traffic For Me Commissions Webfire Commission Module – Costs $997 for a year or pay $97 per month
  • VIP Bonus Material Increase Your Income Fast Advanced Member Emails VIP Coaching Login Module
  • Help FAQ’S Support Desk

Sadly to say again that the EZ Money Team is linked with services and products that are either riddled with scams or not too good and also in providing service. I Remembered that in the first task you will be asked to sign up for a ClickSure and ClickBank accounts.  Now, the issue with this is that ClickSure and ClickBank are known for hosting and promoting all kinds of online scams.  Secondly, the other task is another account for Coolhandle an online website building and hosting company good for its poor service and among other things.

EZ Money Support Is Easily Lacking in Every Way

Categorically, very poor support in that when you get stuck on anything in this program, you are left on your own. What is for sure is you have at your disposal rather bogus contact information that when you call for help sends you to some another business that have no clue of your questions.  These proofs my point that they have multiple shady businesses to enrich Oscar T.  Ortiz (Alias Name Jeffrey Hart) and his cohorts.

There is no community of some sort to cry on when you are in need of help to foster your business agenda. What I can assure you of is that they are good of swindling your hard earn cash rather than helping you to succeed. You will become cash cow and believe me this is still going on to this day.  I am very happy to tell you there is hope for you… Click here to see a genuine step by step proper way to build you very own thriving online business that you will be proud of.

The cool part of this place I am talking about is that you will have all the Tools, Resources and definitely the support channel second to none in the industry.  You can definitely succeed here given you immerse yourself with your training.  You can start immediately for zero, Zip, Zilch, Fat $0 dollars for absolutely free.

My Ultimate Opinion of EZ Money People

In all honest you will do yourself a disservice by enrolling with this company for your online business presence as this will not work in your favour.  Please do I need to say more?  I do know that if you want to be in the scamming industry this will be the way to go sadly to say.

To get the piece of mind in your online business search and to connect with what really works…  I highly recommend the step by step training procedure that I have used proven to be highly effective.  Here you will have all that you need to build out your own successful online thriving business that will be envied by your competitors.

Name: EZ Money Team


Price: $67 to get access, with upsell

Owners: Jeffery Hart (Real Name Oscar T. Ortiz)

Overall Rank: 2.5 our of 5

The Ultimate Verdict: Not Reputable People To Be Recommended!!

Please let us know of your experience and how we can help you in the comment section below and we will help you!

Thank You,


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